weight reduction

  1. ClassyCrusader

    2300lbs weight reduction

    So I was google searching and came across a conversation on bimmerforums https://www.bimmerforums.com/forum/showthread.php?1491125-Weight-Reduction-MZ3 In the 3rd to last comment the guy mentions his z3 weighs 2585lbs with a 4 liter fire extinguisher, roll cage, and him in it. If hes average...
  2. ClassyCrusader

    A/c and power steering weight?

    Whats up guys. Cant seem to find concrete info on this; looking for weight of the whole AC system, hoses and all that, and the power steering weight. Trying to lower the weight of the car off the front to balance taking weight off the back (spare tire and tools) I hear the ac with all...
  3. ClassyCrusader

    Lose 30lbs on the bumper craig diet

    Not sure if this is common knowledge but apparently there's 30lbs of secret weight that can be taken out in the rear bumper. Tbh we know that bmw make different panels out of different materials for weight distribution so it was probably put there to make it more balanced (the trunk is heavy as...