1. tigervig

    Water in battery compartment and small tube

    Battery compartment seem to get water collected from somewhere. Can't see any leaks from the middle break light area or on the carpets on the boot. There is also a small rubber tube that seems to have got disconnected from some where. Any idea what this tube do and how the water get collected?.
  2. LaCroixBoix

    Rust behind glove box

    I picked up a gorgeous 99' 2.8 and have found some of the usual water/leak issues. Pads under carpet are pretty soaked and there was about a 1/4" of water in the battery well. I'm getting ready to take out the carpet and clean the foam underside. I was also working on the glove box sag repair...
  3. Redline

    Don't quite qualify....

    Thought I'd share a couple of images that are worthy of the calendar, but were not taken by their respective owners, so I don't think they qualify. I've also just entered the first image of @Bozzy's car in a competition on another website, so I thought I'd share it here. These are taken at the...