1. steve13

    Wanted both Sill panels & both front wing panels for 1999 z3 (schwarz black)

    Hi Guys a couple of questions too. Ok first post on here, as it says looking for two sill panels for my z3 1999 model roadster. Wondering if anyone had any new/decent replacement ones, would be perfect if they were Schwarz black. Also looking for the two front wing panels again in Schwarz...
  2. A

    Found Wanted pre facelift widebody

    I’m after a pre facelift wide body, not fussy on the engine size. My budget is 3k. Would ideally like black or Boston green, but will consider other colours. Thanks!
  3. Pete07877

    Wanted Z3 Rear View Mirror (or just the PCB) / Aerial and grommet / Digital On Board Computer

    Hi I'm looking for a rear view mirror or just the pcb. A stock aerial with grommet. A gen 1 obc (the square digital one with the two buttons). Ta vm Pete
  4. P

    Wanted - YH57MDZ Do You Own This Car?

    Wanted - YH57MDZ Do You Own This Car? Last known to be in Essex. Hi All, I am trying to trace an old car I used to own as I am interested in buying it back. The car is a Black Z4 2.0i M Sport, Reg YH57MDZ. A long shot, but wondered if the owner was a member of this club, or maybe someone...
  5. AquariusTony

    Wanted Beige Plastics for Roll Bars.

    Hi everyone, I am trying to track down some beige plastics for my 2000 1.9l Z3, so that I can fit some roll bars to it. I was going to then buy a wind deflector. At the moment, it has the full length compartment. Do I need to get the smaller compartment size in order to fit them? Thank you...
  6. J

    Wanted Green Z3 Wing Mirror

    Does anyone have/ know where I can get a Racing Green Z3 driver’s side wing mirror? A lovely gentleman reversed into mine at Tesco... Thanks!
  7. C

    Wanted Black Slam Panel 98 z3

    Schwartz (Jet) Black - no previous damage, good condition black slam panel please - needed in Lancaster but I commute most days from here up to Carlisle and throughout Cumbria. Willing to collect or pay reasonable deliver charge. Required anytime to suit up to July.
  8. Wilko58

    Wanted Passenger Seat Adjustment Switch

    As per title, need a passenger side seat adjustment switch or complete side panel with switch attached. Cheers