wanted z3

  1. A

    Found Wanted pre facelift widebody

    I’m after a pre facelift wide body, not fussy on the engine size. My budget is 3k. Would ideally like black or Boston green, but will consider other colours. Thanks!
  2. Pete07877

    Wanted Z3 Rear View Mirror (or just the PCB) / Aerial and grommet / Digital On Board Computer

    Hi I'm looking for a rear view mirror or just the pcb. A stock aerial with grommet. A gen 1 obc (the square digital one with the two buttons). Ta vm Pete
  3. Bigtoe

    Z3 wanted

    Hi all, just found the site whilst trawling through gumtree, ebay, autotrader, etc. I'm looking (finally) for my first Z3 (1.9(138bhp) > 2.8) and ideally want a wide body model, up in the North West but will travel for the right car, just wondering if anyone knows of any straight cars out there...
  4. R

    Wanted Wire Wheels for a Z3

    Hi, Does any one know where I can buy wire wheels for the Z3? MWS used to do they but have stopped - http://www.mwsint.com/custom/FitmentGuide/DisplayEntry.asp?category=87&carId=FG000003&make=BM&CarYear= Thanks, Roger