1. SilverbackGuerilla

    Creator C110+ codes on my 01 2.5i

    Hey yall, I have been pulling my hair out trying to match these codes on the Creator C110+ to those in multiple service manuals with no luck. I purchased this car a couple months with 170k miles as a project car to restore it back to health as well as modify it on a budget a long the way. I am...
  2. buze

    Vanos a la playa

    So, exactly, how is it supposed to behave? On my 2.8 facelift (last of the 2.8's) I have at least one of them... And it behaves more or less like a more 'linear' turbo, at pretty much exactly 2500rpm. You accelerate gently, and at 2500rpm, noise, and pull, changes (for the better). Is it how...