1. JAMZILLA321

    286 to 300mm brake disc upgrade

    If I do this upgrade all I need is the new 300mm disc and the bigger carriers right? I wondering if the callipers are the same then what happens to the brake pads? Do I buy the 300mm version of the brake pads because if I buy the old ones won’t I have the same braking because the same amount of...
  2. K

    Z3 speaker upgrade

    Hi all first post on here so please be kind! I have a 3-litre Z3 2002. I find the quality of the speakers pretty poor in general, pretty quiet and when turned up they get pretty bad sound quality. I have the Harman sub and an alpine stereo so I don't think it is 'stock'. Wondering if anyone...
  3. NicolasH

    Possible switch from 1.8 to a 2.2

    Hi, A 2001 2.2 liter Z3 has popped up nearby and I'm considering switching my (1998/1999) 1.8 Z3 for it. Although I'm wondering if it's worth switching because the 2.2 has about 75K Kms more on the clock (194 000 vs my current Z's 119 000). Has anyone here had a similar choice to make? Reason...
  4. Braz86

    Refurb begins

    Started the sill replacement today, removed the old ones (what didn't fall off that is) with the much appreciated expert help of @Mnbrennan I was pleasantly surprised to find the inners weren't as horrific as I was expecting. Not the lovely amount of dirt and crud by each tyre! Bought...
  5. Peimli

    Upgrading shocks on 2001 Z3 3.0i roadster

    Hi guys, I want to exchange my original shock absorbers and springs. I either would like to keep it the original stiffness or slightly stiffer perhaps as I’m worried if it’s too stiff it would damage the subframe. I was thinking a set of Bilstein B4 or a little harder B6. Any experience with...
  6. inkey$

    Speaker Options?

    Looking to replace the oem speakers in the footwells (5.5 inch) and behind the seats (4 inch). My head unit is a Pioneer MVH-X580DAB (50w x 4) Any recommendations for speakers? I want clear and punchy with decent bass levels that don't distort.
  7. buze

    Sticky front brakes, cure?

    I've ordered some E46 front brake mounts to replace my existing ones, to install 300mm discs.... My problem is the callipers, is there a way to upgrade the calipers to cure the (seemingly common) problem of them sticking? My car currently have that on occasions, and I actually would love to fix...
  8. Tony Dean

    UPgrading Roadster brakes

    Anyone? I am sitting at 140K on the Engine. Which is the almost bullet proof 2.8.. Still puts out 225 with the de-restriction of the new inlet manifold and intake.. Recently the car has had a full strip down to its knickers .... and wax oiled before a showroom type re-spray. While the 2.8...