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    Dyno Time!
  2. Luke_z3


    I've been looking into rk tunes. has anyone ever done one? they are common with e36 BMW's and are known for crazy horsepower and used to shoot flames. though I don't know about z3's using them. if i posted this in the wrong place please let me know.
  3. Luke_z3


    hey guys, im going to purchase an M50 intake manifold (common mod on M52 engines) and a dinan high flow throttle body. i have a cold air intake and was wondering what i should get tuning wise. do i need more gas because im going to get more air. someone please help or send me a link or somthing...
  4. Luke_z3

    Need Help Finding Tuning Software

    i know that this is a place for new members but i didnt know where to post. i am looking for some software (preferably flash) to tune my 97 2.8 Z3. Could somebody help me find a place or find a thread to post on. thanks and have a good one