1. T

    Newbie Nubodi pretend Ferrari

    Hi, an intro! I have a 1999 2.8 Z3 Auto which I am rebodying with a Nubodi 250GT kit, to vaguely resemble the Ferrari 250GT. “Vaguely” as it will be a soft top version of the 250GT Coupe shape, rather than the California shape (personal preference as I’m not keen on the aesthetics of the...
  2. DaveP

    Rebody Z3 to Kobra build thread

    So time has come for me to change a slightly scruffy black 2001 2.2 non sport into a Kobra. This is a rebody kit made by Tribute Automotive. I bought the Zed as a donor car as the mechanicals and mot history looked strong. The body work was fine but in need of quite a bit of touching up etc. As...