1. J

    No Traction control and abs

    I had recently picked up a z3 and I can’t seem to figure out how someone disabled the tc and abs completely because the dash lights don’t even come on and if I plug in my autel or bmw scanner nothing comes up for errors and it show no contact with the module but I can clearly tell there is no...
  2. n_mistry

    ABS+ASC module, fault lights and hot wheel...?

    I’ve been getting intermittent ABS, traction control and parking brake lights come on. When they come on, I turn the car off and start up again and lights disappear, until some random time. I have noticed that at times there is an odd smell from the front off side wheel after faster driving so...
  3. James Little

    New Z3 owner off to a shaky start!

    Hi guys, my name is James and I just bought a lovely looking Z3 last Sunday. To my eyes it is the same spec as the one from Goldeneye (though I'm sure there are a million technical differences, I don't really mind that - it's close enough), its Atlanta Blue and tan leather interior. 1895cc...