1. VioletAlexandriaMiller

    Hell-Rot Z3 - Tigard, Oregon @4:00 pm

    Saw a beautiful and well detailed Z3 in bright red today going onto pacific highway.Older guy driving with the top down. Was a nice sunny day today for it. Very great. Tried to wave and give him a thumbs up but but he didnt notice. I was driving a '06 Chrysler Shi*bring and I wouldnt wanna look...
  2. Topless for the sun.jpg

    Topless for the sun.jpg

    Blast out with the sun out
  3. Merry ChristmaZ

    Merry ChristmaZ

    Finally after a couple of weeks, of wanting to take this picture, I finally had the car park to myself. I hope you like, a belated Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all..