topaz blue

  1. BuxtonZ3Guy

    10 months into my 3.0i Z3

    Hello everyone, Back in December last year (2022) I spotted a high mileage 2001, 3.0i Z3 on eBay. The car was an individual specification and came with a large file of bills and service history. I took the plunge and bought the car without viewing it. The car turned out to be better than I...
  2. D

    Wanted TOPAZ Rear Quarter Passenger NS Wanted

    Wanted topaz blue Z3 passenger near side rear quarter. Wide body facelift. Thanks !rearquarter
  3. d0wnin

    d0wnin's Z3 (2.8)

    Hi Everyone, I thought I would introduce myself and show my progress for my Z3. I'm Chris and I brought my 2.8 Facelift Z3 in Topaz Blue at the start of August (Just over 2.5 weeks ago). The car was lacking some TLC when I got her (She's done about 77K miles). Factory Specifications: Car...
  4. Autumn - At the pumps

    Autumn - At the pumps

    This is a retake of my classic Steeple Ashton pumps shot. The car was freshly cleaned, and weather proofed, so what better chance than now to do another photo shoot. This time I went to steeple ashton, with the aim to improve on my previous shot, which was great but was lacking some depth.
  5. Autumn Colors

    Autumn Colors

    On with the search for Autumn, Ideally I wanted lanes filled with glorious colour. However there were lanes, but all of them would have proved difficult to take a photo in, However I came across this tree Nr Devizes, that provided perfect autumn colours, not quite what I was after but clos
  6. Thomas Dellow

    New Z3 Owner!

    2001 1.9 Z3 Topaz Blue Metallic, business CD Player and Black Leather interior. Just bought this beauty a couple weeks ago, thoroughly enjoying every moment I can get the roof down. Just replaced all 4 tyres, wipers and necessaries (Bonnet cable and Oil filter) Glad to find such an established...