tonneau cover

  1. Zac

    SOLD BMW Z3 Tonneau Cover - Excellent Condition

    BMW Z3 Tonneau Cover for sale Black Excellent Condition basically like brand new as never used and stored in the house for the past 20 years. £200 (plus postage)or pick up if nearby Thanks will put on eBay soon, but not straight away.
  2. FLLadyRoadster

    Wanted Beige Soft-Top Tonneau Cover for 2001 Z3 Roadster

    Help! Does anyone know where I can get one for a reasonable price? My used Z3 came without one.
  3. Mac_Gaz

    Found Tonneau Cover and Wind Deflector Wanted

    Anyone selling a cover and/or wind deflector - Sensible prices please :) Cheers Gaz
  4. S54addict

    Wanted Wanted: z3 tonneau cover

    Does anyone have or seen one for sale? I heard you get 2.1/2 extra bhp =)) Fanks