1. foxtrail815

    What should I expect from tires 205/50r16 on a z3 roadster?

    Hello, I am new to this forum. I recently bought a 2001 z3 roadster with 225/55r16 tires and I need to replace them. I found some on Walmart at a very good price and reviews but the size is 205/55r16. What type of riding experience should I expect and what should i expect if I switch tho this...
  2. TheBoatDude

    What determined tire size from factory?

    Evening, everyone... I searched the forums and the internet for this and came up with nothing, which means the first poster will send me a link to the info that was right under my nose... Looking at tire sellers and the forums and the owners manual, it seems that Z3s could come with staggered...
  3. Lina Hariri

    For Sale Cosmos black bonnet

    Hi. I have a cosmos black metallic bonnet for sale. It has a few paint chips, but otherwise ok. Just need touching up. Came off a 2.8 Z3. Pick up from Portsmouth only. £120 ono All the body panels from the same car are also available as are 4 wheels and tires and various other Z3 parts.