1. JAMZILLA321

    Z3 engine swap

    I have a 1999 UK BMW z3 1.8 - i think its m43b19 but not too sure, anyway, I think I have a head gasket issue because sometimes I have a lot of smoke coming from exhaust that I’d call sweet smelling however sometimes no smoke is visible at all (not sure what the issue is to be honest the car...
  2. Ajsbored94

    M52 to S52, worth it?

    Is the swap from a 2.5l M52 to the S52 worth it? I hear it's plug and play and that you'll need a new power steering hoses and such, but the mounts, harness, sensors etc. Are all the same. Will need a new ECU and have it flashed and EWS delete I think. My goal is to gain more power, more OOMF...
  3. JPB


    In this video I'm going through every step I took to swap my old steering wheel for my new one. I encountered a few common issues along the way such as trying to find the springs to release the air bag And also the snapping of some crucial plastic sections. Every issue I encountered I've also...