1. jamesholder247

    Wanted Subwoofer/ Enclosure

    Does anyone happen to have a z3 subwoofer part 65136902837 ? It doesn't necessarily need the speaker itself/ doesn't matter if its blown, it's really just the enclosure I am after. Picture attached. Many Thanks James
  2. DivideBYZero

    HK Sub has popped

    I have the OG HK sub in my car, late model. 2002. I have two ways to go: - 1) Pull part and glue it back. The edge has come away cleanly and can be resealed, but I know this is only a temporary fix... - 2) Buy the Kicker replacement, but I've not seen a very good how-to on this and don't...
  3. L

    Finally replaced the HK subwoofer!

    When I bought my Z3 the subwoofer was blown. I bypassed it with the new Sony head unit I put in, and was just using speakers behind the seat and tweeters installed in the foot well locations. I finally broke down and put in an 8" Kicker sub, and an enclosure I found online. But I really wish I...