1. J

    Z3 2.1 2001 struggling to engage ignition ... sometimes

    Hi everyone, I was wondering if anyone could be kind enough to help me with a strange fault I’m having with my BMW Z3 2.1 2001. Occasionally after turning the ignition the car will splutter for around 5 seconds trying to engage before finally engaging. The reason this is strange is that most of...
  2. IanA

    2.8 E36 starts but won't run

    Hi- I've been using my Z300S Barchetta bodied Z3 happily for the last 4 years. I had it painted in 2018 so no more gelcoat. It's a 1999 roadster with E36 M52TU motor- dual VANOS. I went out to start it the other day and it started strongly but then died. I've searched the forum but haven't found...
  3. DammitGirl

    DirtDobber & Momma

    Hey y’all! Just got here via safari from the south, if you can’t already tell. I bought my lil DirtDobber over a year ago and had to put her in dry-dock immediately following a health scare. But now I’m up and running and she’s out of the hooscow! Time to start fixing her up and playing...
  4. BillMc

    Just joined the forum in the hope that someone can help me out with problems with my z4

    Hi just joined the forum today in the hope that there is someone on here that can help me out with a solution to the problems that I am having with my Z4. I changed the battery and whilst all the electrics are working the car wont start. There is occasionally a click or two from the starter...