1. C

    POLL Which aftermarket speakers do you recommend?

    Hello fellow Zeeders, looking to upgrade the stock speakers in my car (1999 BMW Z3). Forgive me in advance if I'm incorrect on all of this, I'm new to installing anything to a car. Thought this would be good practice. Based on my research, there are four 5.25" speakers, two tweeters and one sub...
  2. KRC-Canada

    Replacement Speakers?

    A couple of my smaller speakers sound like the cones have cracks in them. Any recommendations on replacement guts for all Z3 speakers on a 2001? I'll need loud music next spring!! :woot:
  3. W

    Hi Guys

    I recently bought a Z3 in "HELLROT". She's a 1997 2.8 model with 109,000 km on the clock. There are the usual niggly things that I would like to correct. The radio does not work - apparently the display is "shot", I do have a code, but cannot check if it works. Trying to have it fixed so that...
  4. inkey$

    Component options

    So I upgraded the head unit to a Pioneer MVH-X580DAB a few months back and now need to upgrade the OEM speakers. Head unit is 50w x 4 by my guess is that's peak power as opposed to sustained. What would be the easiest (no cutting) and relatively cheapest all speaker kit to get my music sounding...
  5. inkey$

    Speaker Options?

    Looking to replace the oem speakers in the footwells (5.5 inch) and behind the seats (4 inch). My head unit is a Pioneer MVH-X580DAB (50w x 4) Any recommendations for speakers? I want clear and punchy with decent bass levels that don't distort.
  6. DannyGartside

    Standard Z4 audio

    Hi folks, Just wondering if anyone has stripped out or replaced the standard audio in their Z4? I'm wanting to upgrade / add to mine and was thinking if someone had removed their standard hi-fi or DSP install if they still has it. Mine only has the minimum setup Cheers Danny