1. Lukecradd

    Upgraded speakers - sounds flat!

    Hey guys, I’ve just replaced my HU with an DSXA410BT x 4X55w and replaced the factory speakers with in phase xtc 13.2 in the front and xtc 10.2 behind the seats. I didnt touch the tweeters. My Z3 doesn’t appear to have and amp or factory Sub. There was an amp on the passenger door car. I’ve...
  2. JAMZILLA321

    Radio with Bluetooth for z3

    I have a bmw z3 from 1999 and want to put the original radio back in because the Sony one I have now looks like it’s from a spaceship - I wanted an original look and I saw that the blaupunkt radios don’t sit flush with the rest of the plastic - I would like to install Bluetooth into the original...
  3. M

    Why does my 2.8 z3 sound bad?

    About a year ago I purchased a 50k mi. 1999 2.8 z3 roadster (5-speed) and I love almost everything about the car except for the sound. It really just sounds like a big vacuum cleaner until you get past 4k RPM and you can barely start to hear the engine but even then it sounds meh. I don't want...
  4. L

    Finally replaced the HK subwoofer!

    When I bought my Z3 the subwoofer was blown. I bypassed it with the new Sony head unit I put in, and was just using speakers behind the seat and tweeters installed in the foot well locations. I finally broke down and put in an 8" Kicker sub, and an enclosure I found online. But I really wish I...