soft top

  1. E

    Soft top replacement need help

    My wife and I are technicians in Northern Illinois in the US and we're new to bmw. We need to replace the soft top on our 98 Z3 2.8 and I'm having a hard time finding information on replacing the soft top and everything that goes into it. I've replaced a soft top on a 60 Ford so all I know is...
  2. annieharm

    Replace Window or Whole Top?

    I just bought a Z3 last week. After a test drive, the salesperson demonstrated how to retract the top. Unfortunately, much to his embarrassment, the cold temperature made the vinyl window brittle and it cracked right in front of us. (I was able to use this in my negotiation to further reduce the...
  3. Peimli

    Help and advise needed regarding back windscreen rim!

    I had my back windscreen replaced about a year and a half ago. So I do not have an issue with that. The problem what I’m having is the black rim (picture attached) around it started to “break away”. I tried to fix it with black silicone but it did not hold unfortunately too long. Does anyone...
  4. NeRo

    Soft Top Cleaner reviews

    I see regular requests for recommendations for soft top cleaners/proofers - I saw this Auto Express article and thought it might be useful to park a link here Hope this helps
  5. C

    Hello Z'sters

    So after years of MG's and Stag's - last for 12 years, total N&B rebuild, now living in Austria, I bought a 98 Z3 1.9 from an NHS colleague. Originally looking for something in VGC the one I now own is more of a project than I originally aimed to buy into if you know what I mean :-o It was the...
  6. N

    Hello, enjoyed the BMW HQ event last Sunday

    Hi All I'm Nick. The wife ( Lina) recently bought (May 2015) a Z3 2.8l and we just took part in our first ZRoadster event from the BMW HQ in Fleet which was great fun and very interesting meeting a few of the other members. I am excited to be a new member and hope to contribute my experiences...