1. Darren Marsh

    Wanted Wide body drivers sill

    As title, new or good 2nd hand TIA
  2. Pete-BStoke

    Video Surface rust on sill, can it be trusted

    Hi everyone, I’ve owned 3 z3’s over the last 15 years, love them. I’m recently in a fortunate position to potentially purchase a Z3m roadster. It’s fairly well priced from a dealer for a 02 plate. Upon viewing I noticed rust on the outer sills, one in particular is heavily corroded. Other...
  3. cheeseandbeans

    For Sale Z3 Kick Plates/Sill Scuff Plates. £40

    Selling a pair of sill scuff plates. Reasonably good condition with not too much corrosion. Just need a clean up. The metal strip on one still has lifted slightly so could do with being glued down again. £40 plus whatever it costs to post.