1. Dave Slayter

    For Sale BMW Z3 Sill covers (wide body)

    FOR SALE These are taken from 2002 Z3 widebody in estoril blue. They have corrosion on ends. In Bournemouth, but can be boxed and posted. £115 for pair. Any takers? Dave
  2. Darren Marsh

    Wanted Wide body drivers sill

    As title, new or good 2nd hand TIA
  3. Pete-BStoke

    Video Surface rust on sill, can it be trusted

    Hi everyone, I’ve owned 3 z3’s over the last 15 years, love them. I’m recently in a fortunate position to potentially purchase a Z3m roadster. It’s fairly well priced from a dealer for a 02 plate. Upon viewing I noticed rust on the outer sills, one in particular is heavily corroded. Other...
  4. cheeseandbeans

    For Sale Z3 Kick Plates/Sill Scuff Plates. £40

    Selling a pair of sill scuff plates. Reasonably good condition with not too much corrosion. Just need a clean up. The metal strip on one still has lifted slightly so could do with being glued down again. £40 plus whatever it costs to post.