1. AquariusTony

    Engine Management Light after Service

    Hi guys, The other day I changed the oil, oil filter and air filter on my new Z3. It REALLY needed it! I then took it for a spin. After about 45 mins into the drive, my engine management light appeared on the dash. I was wondering if you guys have had the same issue before, on one similar to...
  2. S

    Which parts would you reccommend I replace?

    So I've had my 2.2 Z3 for almost a year and other than filters/oil/bulbs I hadn't done much work on it. However last week I blew out my head gasket and after the head was stripped it turns out the root cause was my thermostat disintegrating, ie. there was a large chunk of the mechanism in the...
  3. Mac_Gaz

    Oil change with flush

    Just about to give the 2.2 a flush and some new blood. I'm going with fully synthetic again even though it's been using a little. Any quick tips on areas I should be looking to clean? Pipes, hoses etc I'll report back later for anyone interested. Gaz