1. Z

    Speedo stopped working

    Hi, not sure if related but I’ve changed the seats in my Z3 from facelift to pre-facelift using the BMW seat conversion lead, but since then I’ve noticed the Speedo has stopped working?! Could it be electrical or something else?
  2. annieharm

    What is this trim piece?

    This group has been so helpful when I’ve been unable to track down info. Hoping for some help once again. There is an opening behind each seat under the bar behind the headrest (see photos). I have searched the web and I even bought a Z3 parts and repair guide. I have yet to identify it. If I...
  3. D

    Seat Motors not functioning (undisgnosed problem)

    Hello everyone! I made this post in the Facebook group and I got many replies however none were for the problem I had described. I think most had not read my post properly so I will try to describe as best as I can. Both driver and passenger seats won't move up or down. Forwards or backwards...
  4. yellowjacket

    passenger seat stuck stuck stuck

    Due to an unfortunate bout of cleaning, I'd detached the power plug under the passenger seat (right side, New World style). I was able to reattach the power and that works fine now, but the seat won't go as far back as its driver's side mate--by about 2 inches. I've looked for physical blockage...
  5. M

    Replacing padding in sports seats

    I've a June 2000 3.0 Z3 roadster with black leather heated sports seats that are in great condition...that is apart from the driver's seat being like a park bench! Over the car's 75,000 mile life, the foam has pretty much compressed into a solid lump. I'm based in the Leeds/York area and just...
  6. Wilko58

    Seat Motors (Yet Again!)

    Hi All, Well I decided to change the seat bushes and fix the up/down movement on the passenger seat at the same time. Everything was going ok (not according to plan but ok) except that I forgot to count the number of turns needed to remove the seat bush from the spindle (or whatever it's...