1. LaCroixBoix

    Rust behind glove box

    I picked up a gorgeous 99' 2.8 and have found some of the usual water/leak issues. Pads under carpet are pretty soaked and there was about a 1/4" of water in the battery well. I'm getting ready to take out the carpet and clean the foam underside. I was also working on the glove box sag repair...
  2. Braz86

    Refurb begins

    Started the sill replacement today, removed the old ones (what didn't fall off that is) with the much appreciated expert help of @Mnbrennan I was pleasantly surprised to find the inners weren't as horrific as I was expecting. Not the lovely amount of dirt and crud by each tyre! Bought...
  3. Pete-BStoke

    Video Surface rust on sill, can it be trusted

    Hi everyone, I’ve owned 3 z3’s over the last 15 years, love them. I’m recently in a fortunate position to potentially purchase a Z3m roadster. It’s fairly well priced from a dealer for a 02 plate. Upon viewing I noticed rust on the outer sills, one in particular is heavily corroded. Other...
  4. Mac_Gaz

    High Mileage

    Just been to view a 2002 plate 2.2 Sport - with a view to it being a second zed/project car. The car has 174k on the clock, first owner did over 160k, never missing a service. I was surprised how fit and tight the car was, the engine was sweet as a nut. The car had quite a bit of tin worm in...
  5. Wilko58

    Rear Sub-Frame

    I'm about to change or upgrade (not sure which route now I've read some project threads!) the bushes and suspension on my Zed but I also saw a post with a picture of the boot area in someone's Zed almost rusted away (rear beam mount?). Three of the spot welds on the boot floor of my Zed (a 2.8)...