1. Braz86

    Refurb begins

    Started the sill replacement today, removed the old ones (what didn't fall off that is) with the much appreciated expert help of @Mnbrennan I was pleasantly surprised to find the inners weren't as horrific as I was expecting. Not the lovely amount of dirt and crud by each tyre! Bought...
  2. Pete-BStoke

    Video Surface rust on sill, can it be trusted

    Hi everyone, I’ve owned 3 z3’s over the last 15 years, love them. I’m recently in a fortunate position to potentially purchase a Z3m roadster. It’s fairly well priced from a dealer for a 02 plate. Upon viewing I noticed rust on the outer sills, one in particular is heavily corroded. Other...
  3. Mac_Gaz

    High Mileage

    Just been to view a 2002 plate 2.2 Sport - with a view to it being a second zed/project car. The car has 174k on the clock, first owner did over 160k, never missing a service. I was surprised how fit and tight the car was, the engine was sweet as a nut. The car had quite a bit of tin worm in...
  4. Wilko58

    Rear Sub-Frame

    I'm about to change or upgrade (not sure which route now I've read some project threads!) the bushes and suspension on my Zed but I also saw a post with a picture of the boot area in someone's Zed almost rusted away (rear beam mount?). Three of the spot welds on the boot floor of my Zed (a 2.8)...