1. MarkG

    Z4 E85 Roof motor issue

    Hi guys, after some help please! I’m aware of numerous issues with E85 roofs but this has just happened and as I’m a fairly useless mechanic except for basics, I’m hoping there’s someone local to me (Chesterfield, Derbyshire) that might be able to sort it without ripping me off. I’ve had my z4...
  2. JW1986

    New Hood

    Hello Does anyone have any recommendations (preferably northwest England) for anywhere that will sell and fit new hoods?
  3. La_vida_diver

    #ZedShed La_Vida_Diver's Blue upgrade and TLC

    Blue as many will know was bought in 2011 and I discovered this forum on December that year. Apart from the usual changes to braided hoses and fresh oils, filters and maintenance items all round the only thing that has been done is a new Fabric hood. This was done by Jack Smith in Swansea during...