roll bars

  1. AquariusTony

    Wanted Beige Plastics for Roll Bars.

    Hi everyone, I am trying to track down some beige plastics for my 2000 1.9l Z3, so that I can fit some roll bars to it. I was going to then buy a wind deflector. At the moment, it has the full length compartment. Do I need to get the smaller compartment size in order to fit them? Thank you...
  2. Geoff Crispin

    Z3 Roll Bar installation

    Help required please. I have purchased a second hand S/S XSPower roll bar for my 1998 Z3 but the diameter of the tube section that is inserted into the seat belt retraction cover is larger than the hole ? Is this standard ? it must be possible to enlarge it but will it fit into the metal base...