1. D

    POLL Color Match Center Console

    In the process of restoring a 1997 Dakar Yellow 2.8 Zed. I had to replace the center console with the face lift console. Only problem is the original is wood grain and so is the face lift one I purchased but there are a couple cracks in the wood. Not bad but trying to create a very nice...
  2. Toby Mills

    Steering wheel help!?

    I have the non M sport/pre facelift steering wheel on my 1.9 z3 I cannot find a micro suede/alcantara retrim specific for a 'z3 wheel'. Does anybody know if this wheel was used on other BMWs? I may have more luck finding a cover if i know the exact wheel name, or typing in another model this...
  3. M

    Replacing padding in sports seats

    I've a June 2000 3.0 Z3 roadster with black leather heated sports seats that are in great condition...that is apart from the driver's seat being like a park bench! Over the car's 75,000 mile life, the foam has pretty much compressed into a solid lump. I'm based in the Leeds/York area and just...