1. Zac


    Hi everyone, new to the forum and hopefully will have my Z3 up and running in the next couple of weeks after a few years sitting in storage. So I'll post a few pics as soon as it's back from a bonnet respray due to clear coat peeling off ‍♂️ MOT and general clean up. It used to look like this
  2. DanielleHN

    HELP Needed - Spraying Wing Mirror

    Hi Everyone Has anybody had experience with the Halford's BMW paint? My Zed is Boston Green and I don't want to spray the bases of the new X8R mirrors if it isn't going to match up. We have a family friend who does great paint work but he's away and I'm reluctant to wait as my wing mirror is...
  3. Lina Hariri

    Z3 Retrim

    Hi, my Z3 2.8 1997 roadster needs an interior retrim. It got quite wet inside so I need all the carpets changed, the console swapped for something a bit more modern, I also leather seats to be done as well. I want heated seats. Also I want him to have a respray. I have just done the whole...