1. E

    Soft top replacement need help

    My wife and I are technicians in Northern Illinois in the US and we're new to bmw. We need to replace the soft top on our 98 Z3 2.8 and I'm having a hard time finding information on replacing the soft top and everything that goes into it. I've replaced a soft top on a 60 Ford so all I know is...
  2. A

    Z3 replacement engine advice/information

    Hello! The head gasket has gone on my Z3 1999 4 cylinder engine. I'm anticipating that it will be cheaper to replace the engine and the other reason why I'm attracted to the option is whether or not I could replace it with a more powerful engine. Is this possible? Would it fit? This might...
  3. S

    Which parts would you reccommend I replace?

    So I've had my 2.2 Z3 for almost a year and other than filters/oil/bulbs I hadn't done much work on it. However last week I blew out my head gasket and after the head was stripped it turns out the root cause was my thermostat disintegrating, ie. there was a large chunk of the mechanism in the...
  4. buze

    Side indicator replacements, yeah/nay?

    Looking at clear side indicators; I found this pack of 4, anyone tried these, or, is there an alternative that is guarantted 'not shitty' :) What about the 'smoked' versions that might look nice -- are they MOT friendly? As a matter of fact, is there a...