replacement parts

  1. Mike F

    Wanted Sadly, I need a new hood

    I need a hood for a 98 Z3. A gentleman in a pickup truck (with a back up camera...) backed into our Z and irrevocably damaged the hood. As you likely know, they are not currently making new hoods. I would like a high quality used hood or aftermarket. I'm struggling to find a source online, as...
  2. E

    Soft top replacement need help

    My wife and I are technicians in Northern Illinois in the US and we're new to bmw. We need to replace the soft top on our 98 Z3 2.8 and I'm having a hard time finding information on replacing the soft top and everything that goes into it. I've replaced a soft top on a 60 Ford so all I know is...
  3. annieharm

    Plastic Trim for Dashboard Dials

    I have searched across the vast corners of the web to find a replacement piece for the trim ring around the knob dials on my dash. (See picture.) I have been unsuccessful in locating what seems to be such a simple, small part. Does anyone have any ideas for where to find a replacement for this...