1. MoistToast

    2001 3.0i Help! ABS, Traction and Amber Brake Light

    Replaced brake disc, pads, wear sensors and checked/cleaned ABS (look well intact). Can’t get a code with my BlueDriver obd2 scan tool. What’s my next avenue? thanks!
  2. JAMZILLA321

    Broken wing mirror base

    On my hellrot 1999 bmw z3 someone kicked my wing mirrors - the right one survived (glass shattered though) and the left one shattered but the metal base/arm snapped aswell - what’s the best way forward? Glue the arm and base back together? Buy one of those plastic vases and spray it hellrot red...
  3. elky

    Any fix for headlight inside lens yellowing - "burn in"?

    Is there any fix/repair for this kind of yellowing? It looks like it is on the inside of the headlight, on the lens. I think they call it a burn-in.
  4. C

    Assistance with hood repair

    Hi fellow colleagues! My wife got in an accident and rear-ended a van 😳. The hood and grill looks damaged but hopefully not the chasis itself. What are my options and how can I fix this? I'm in Los Angeles/Orange County if anyone has any recommended body shops! Thanks for your input!
  5. Peimli

    Help and advise needed regarding back windscreen rim!

    I had my back windscreen replaced about a year and a half ago. So I do not have an issue with that. The problem what I’m having is the black rim (picture attached) around it started to “break away”. I tried to fix it with black silicone but it did not hold unfortunately too long. Does anyone...
  6. AquariusTony

    Cracks in rear window!

    Hi everyone, I have just bought a 2000 1.9 Z3 roadster and it needs a few aesthetic improvements doing to it. I noticed that there are one or two cracks in the rear plastic window. The largest one is about 1 and half inches long. (See photo) I’ve used some stuff on the window, as I know...
  7. DanielleHN

    How To Guide Battle Against The Wing Mirror Corrosion!

    Hi Everyone I'm new here as I've recently bought a beautiful Boston Green 2.8i as a fun hobby - it's in really amazing condition for its years although both mirrors have corroded. I thought this was possibly the end of the world (as you do!) but found some helpful threads noting a particular...
  8. ZedLeppelin

    HELP! Engine Management Light on and no power...

    Hi everyone, I have just had an engine management light come on and my car has either gone into limp home mode or has seen a massive loss of power (2.0litre 2006 z4, 67k miles). There is now no acceleration whatsoever but the car does start and allows me to drive it. Is it ok to drive still...