1. Foglem

    Z3 M Roadster Rebody build

    Hello all, I purchased a 99 Z3 M Roadster this year. So far I've completed the Randy Forbes rear reinforcement kit. All of the bushings under the car (still have yet to do the engine and transmission mounts) have been replaced. I have a new soft top coming and some nice diamond stitch leather...
  2. T

    Newbie Nubodi pretend Ferrari

    Hi, an intro! I have a 1999 2.8 Z3 Auto which I am rebodying with a Nubodi 250GT kit, to vaguely resemble the Ferrari 250GT. “Vaguely” as it will be a soft top version of the 250GT Coupe shape, rather than the California shape (personal preference as I’m not keen on the aesthetics of the...