1. Richardrix

    Rear view mirror glue

    So who hasn't had the rear view mirror fall off? Wow, that many.. Ok, so for the ones that have had it fall off, what have you found to be the best product to stick it back on again? I tried the pads and sticking just the fixing plate back to the window. When I came to twist the mirror back on...
  2. Richardrix

    Wanted 1997 1.9 Boston Green Passenger Side rear wing

    Hi, I am after a Boston Green rear wing panel for a Z3 1.9 1997 pre-facelift. Thanks.
  3. mrscalex

    SOLD Facelift front & rear bumpers in Topaz Blue

    The front bumper is solid but looks nasty - much worse than it really is underneath. It was on the car when it was front-ended but remarkably regained it's shape with no structural damage other than needing a very small amount of filler in an older repair (spent chewing gum sized hole) that...