rear window replacement

  1. Philpatton

    Installing new rear window BMW Z3

    At the end of Winter 2021, we had a sunny day and I decided to put the roof down for one last blast before winter finally hit. As I folded the roof back, the rear window had an unnatural fold in it, which I decided to simply pop into place using my hand. As soon as I hit the window, I thought...
  2. Peimli

    Help and advise needed regarding back windscreen rim!

    I had my back windscreen replaced about a year and a half ago. So I do not have an issue with that. The problem what I’m having is the black rim (picture attached) around it started to “break away”. I tried to fix it with black silicone but it did not hold unfortunately too long. Does anyone...
  3. pgunter

    Help needed. Rear Window Z3.

    Ok, does anyone know of a good supplier of the zip in rear window for my silver Z3. I ordered on from ADM in Germany, good quality it was not. The overall size was completely wrong, thevresponse was my original window must have stretched. Funny enough a temporary window fits really well but...