I'm looking for an active online Z3 community. I'm hoping this will be one! I'm a serious autocrosser and track guy but actually, I bought the Z3 Coupe to be a WIFE FRIENDLY weekend getaway car. I thought it would be 'comfortable enough' for the wife and 'interesting enough' for me. There have...
  2. GaryFeakins

    Video Z4 Race Car Onboard Video - MSVR Z Cars Race Series

    A quick clip from our very excitable 17 year old test driver, in our MSVR Z Cars Racing Z4 3.0...... enjoy!...... For more information on the race series, check out - http://www.garyfeakinsracing.co.uk/z-cars-racing/
  3. Last one at the party!

    Last one at the party!

    Z4M Donington Park