1. Jaredhenrypetersen


    Hello all, My name is Jared and I own a '99 2.3i 5spd. roadster, schwartz II in color w/ black top and black sport seats.
  2. Richardrix

    Richard's Z3 1.9 Project

    Hi All, Some of you are already aware of my Z3 1.9 project. It was bought as a project car (a code word for cheap) and it has certainly been a project so far. The reason for having the project car was for something to play with over the winter with the aim of me and the wife driving the North...
  3. Madpuppy

    Home made wind deflector For my Z3

    I am off contract for a while with my business so I decided to make my own Wind deflector, It ain't perfect....or should I say that it is "bespoke"..yes...that makes it sound so much more classy and precision crafted than it actually a long shot. Honestly for the meager skills and tools...
  4. James S

    Z3 2.2i now bought

    Hello forum members, It's good to be here. I've always been really into the classic, retro shape of the Z3 roadster and I'm hoping to buy my first one within the next couple of weeks. The dream is to take a reasonably well-maintained, low mileage car back up to near mint condition, and then to...