1. MarkG

    Z4 Intermittent starting issue

    For my 1st post as a member of this forum, just a bit of info about a starting problem with my recently purchased E85 3.0 - It would start no problem, then another day for no apparent reason, refuse, no noise, no clicking, zilch, then come back an hour later and fine again! After searching...
  2. IanA

    2.8 E36 starts but won't run

    Hi- I've been using my Z300S Barchetta bodied Z3 happily for the last 4 years. I had it painted in 2018 so no more gelcoat. It's a 1999 roadster with E36 M52TU motor- dual VANOS. I went out to start it the other day and it started strongly but then died. I've searched the forum but haven't found...