1. Ajsbored94

    Z3 2.5l Overheating

    Drove it down to the beach and back today (almost 9 hours of constant driving on the interstate at 3.5k rpms) and noticed on my return trip it started to overheat. It would go up, then down, then up. It would raise as the rpms went up, and cool down when idle or less than 2k rpms. It only just...
  2. B

    Overheating Problem No Solution found??

    Hi all,i am new on this site. I have my z3 m44 1.9 143 hp. One problem- So,i checked everything,i changed the water pump brand new,thermostat,i checked if the radiator is blocked somehow it is not. My engine overheats when i go on the motorway.It goes really fast to red,and when i switch on the...