oil leak

  1. MikeK

    My Z3 1998 1.9

    Hi, I recently bought a Z3 1998 1.9. It is a right hand drive UK model. Has a lot of small age related issues but really fun to drive. Previous owners were a bit weird with their """""repairs"""" so i am trying to fix stuff and eventually i would like to improve things. From my research those...
  2. Yashka

    Help! Learning mechanics on beloved Z3 - oil leak - need ramp

    Hello! I've had my beloved red Z3 for around a year and a half and the time has come for its MOT. The time has also come for it to have a significant oil leak! Because I'm keen to learn more about mechanics (and save costs too), I'd really like to be able to at least locate the oil leak... Of...
  3. roadvoyager1

    Diff oil seal leak?

    Whilst checking under the car the other week I noticed oil contamination around the inboard drive shaft coupling to the diff. There is more contamination than shown in the photo below as the shaft is rotated and some oil has flicked onto the underbody. Having spent a fair amount of time...
  4. t-tony

    56 plate Z4 - Rocker cover leak

    We had a man drop his 56 plate Z4 2.5 in today complaining of an oil leak which he thought was from the rocker cover gasket. On closer inspection the oil appeared to be running uphill, if it was coming from the gasket. I removed the plastic engine cover and spotted that the new oil around the...
  5. Derek

    Oil leakage

    Afternoon all. Had a progressive oil leak for the past week or so. Got under the car today and gave the oil a good cleaning. Left it an hour or so and this is where I think the oil leak is. .. sorry for crap photo and probably completely newbie question but where and what is this haha Once...