oil into cylinders

  1. MikeK

    M44 z3 consuming lots of oil

    Hi, Second post of the day, My z3 seems really broken. Fuel tank and mirror issues and now... It's consuming oil. A lot of oil. It was close to the max line like 80-85% there on the stick this week. I took it driving some back roads high rpms fast turning doing 100mph. I checked back home...
  2. Heatheross

    No Oil in Cylinders! No Compression! Help!

    Hello Everyone! I am a brand new member, and I need some help diagnosing an issue with my motor; I do not want to have the same problem again, so your input is greatly appreciated! I have a '99, Z3, 2.5L, Auto. The other morning, my motor would not start; when I had turned the key, it had only...