1. K

    Fuel Trim

    Dear friends , I checked a fuel trim by oBD and the result is as follows. Can you help me to analyze the results? Firstly, I checked O2 sensor voltage and it looks ok. When a cold engine, STFT is over +10% but after some time, STFT will be around 0% at the idle but it will go up to +15% more...
  2. inkey$

    OBD reader?

    I have an intermittent airbag light on my ‘99 2.8 pre-facelift. I also have a Bluetooth OBD plug and a B800 eBay special, plug in code reader/code clearer. Neither of them seem to work when plugged into the OBD port under the dash, with the B800 unit flashing an E10 code back at me (unable to...
  3. Tom Cheesewright

    Getting diagnostic data from serial cable

    I would really like to be able to pull diagnostic information from the car into an onboard computer without having to plug an external device in or use software like INPA. Has anyone tried reading the output from the 20 pin connector into something like an Arduino using one of the serial...
  4. AquariusTony

    Engine Management Light after Service

    Hi guys, The other day I changed the oil, oil filter and air filter on my new Z3. It REALLY needed it! I then took it for a spin. After about 45 mins into the drive, my engine management light appeared on the dash. I was wondering if you guys have had the same issue before, on one similar to...
  5. Mani

    16 pin diag port problem

    Strange one this... The 16 pin round diag port on my 00 plate 2.0 doesn't communicate, obd 20 pin works fine. If it plug in a connector into the 16pin one it shorts out a 10amp fuse #26 for the reverse light (but doesn't affect the light, weird I know). Once that happens the 20pin obd doesn't...