1. D

    On Board Computer Power Issue? 1999 Z3 2.8

    Greetings All I am the new owner of a very clean 1999 Z3 2.8 with 67,000 km bought from a friend who has owned it from new. Two very minor issues which appear to be power related however in both cases the fuses appear to be fine. 1. On Board Computer is blank. The previous owner recalls it to...
  2. Pete07877

    Wanted Z3 Rear View Mirror (or just the PCB) / Aerial and grommet / Digital On Board Computer

    Hi I'm looking for a rear view mirror or just the pcb. A stock aerial with grommet. A gen 1 obc (the square digital one with the two buttons). Ta vm Pete
  3. Iain C

    Wanted OBC unit (round facelifted)

    Looking for the round face-lifted OBC unit to fit in place of the clock in the dash of my 2002 Z3 2.2 Sport. Already have the stalk so if anyone has one for sale or is breaking and would be interested in a offer then please let me know. Cheers, Iain :thumbsup: