1. MikeK

    Alternator + tensioner noises. Z3 1.9 M44(it was the power steering pump)

    Hi, Another problem another thread. After replacing my oil filter housing gasket and O-rings, i put everything back together, i replaced my rusted steering radiator loop, and then refilled liquids and started the car. A few issues i discovered after this. 1) Coolant leaking from the radiator...
  2. Dominick Horrell 1

    Ticking noise

    Hi All hopefully someone on here may have or had a similar issue. For a while now Ive had an annoying ticking /clicking noise coming from under the car whilst moving , it’s not there when I’m still . I hung my wife out the window and she was convinced it was coming from the passenger side wheels...
  3. Oldham1994

    Noises, noises everywhere

    Hi all, since I had my coilovers fitted about 5 months ago I've had a clunk type noise coming from the boot area. I've checked countless times underneath the car and can't seem to find anything wrong. All spot welds are perfect too. I'd say about 6/10 times it does it either when I move from a...