1. notzed


    Hi all! There's a clue in my username, "NOTZED". I'm not actually a zed owner, I just have access to a few (allegedly) but the Alpina will be mine! I'm just setting this profile for when my inheritance comes through Currently driving a 2006 335i touring - definitely a wolf in sheep's...
  2. Low Rider and Nodzed in Scotland

    Low Rider and Nodzed in Scotland

  3. Low Rider

    Write Up Photo Cruise with NODZED

    Today NODZED and myself when for a photo cruise round the Brecon. I left home at 8am and meet up with Niall at 9.30am at The Baeufort. Raglan after a quick coffee we were on our way out for a day of driving. I thought you might like to see photo's from our day out.