1. pacificnorthwestZ3

    Hey all!

    Checking in from Oregon, USA! I've been lurking around this forum for a bit ever since I bought my '97 Z3 a few weeks ago. So much helpful information! :) My new baby will be posted right below!
  2. Connor

    I'm back... Again.

    Hi All, I'm back in the Zedding world after a couple of years hiatus. I've moved around a fair bit for work, and then ending up living within walking distance of work and not needing a car at all. Anyway I'm back, and have just bought a nice 3.0 Sterling Grey E85 Z4. Comes with Nav, PDC...
  3. A


    Hello, I have just picked up my Z3 It is the 1.9 1998 model in silver with the green leather seats. As a bit of a novice to the Z3, is there anything to look out for, anything to do/have spare, or any accessories that would benefit the car? Thanks! Alex
  4. buze

    Rear diff refurb/fix, where to these days?

    I realise I'm late to the party with my day-old z3, but where does one get the rear diff reinforcement done these days, as near as berkshire as possible? Cursory inspection of boot seems to show some popped spot welds, and I also have an occasional 'clonk' when releasing the power quickly... I...