new owner

  1. K

    New to forum

    Hello I have graduated from an NC MX5 to a converted Z4 fan since the beginning of summer. The new weekend toy is a 30i e89 every time I park it up I give it a look back. Christened Baz and always looking for new upgrades, currently awaiting Remus exhaust on order for the last three months...
  2. Conan

    Hello - I finally made it.

    Hi, I got my 2015 Z4 28i black hardtop sport+ on December 21st 2019 - for basically less than KBB, and bought the warranty to 75K - only has 21K miles and it's so clean. I fell in love with roadsters back in 1995 when my boss had a 1970 Spitfire, 4 banger with toed out tires, it was actually...
  3. James Little

    New Z3 owner off to a shaky start!

    Hi guys, my name is James and I just bought a lovely looking Z3 last Sunday. To my eyes it is the same spec as the one from Goldeneye (though I'm sure there are a million technical differences, I don't really mind that - it's close enough), its Atlanta Blue and tan leather interior. 1895cc...
  4. DammitGirl

    DirtDobber & Momma

    Hey y’all! Just got here via safari from the south, if you can’t already tell. I bought my lil DirtDobber over a year ago and had to put her in dry-dock immediately following a health scare. But now I’m up and running and she’s out of the hooscow! Time to start fixing her up and playing...
  5. Panhandler

    The Panhandler

    Good Morning Zroadster Peeps, Glad to have found this website. Just took possession of my Sienna Red Z3 this past weekend. Perhaps I should say, the Z3 has taken possession of me. OK, I'm not really possessed, but this Zed is the most bestest car I have ever been in. If I wasn't so happy when I...