new guy

  1. Spaces954

    New to the Z3 club!

    Hello hello! New to the BMW/Z3 club! Was in the market for a roadster and came across a 2000 Z3 with under 100k miles And in really good interior and exterior . Got a pretty good deal on it and am really into it. From looking through this forum I’ve been able to identify some usual problems...
  2. William Jacobsen


    Hi looking forward to being part of the group. Bought my Z3 November 2017 it's a 2L in Topaz blue. Hoping to tour France later this year
  3. J

    Hello All

    Hi, Thank you all for allowing me into your community. I have to be open to you all and say I am desperately looking for some advice! I don't currently own a 'Z' series car however am constantly searching for the right one (Z3). My plan is to use the car as a weekend car and take it to some...
  4. W


    Hello from the snowy East coast of Canada. Thought I would sign-up to the group. I have a Z4 E85 that is currently parked in my garage for the winter. During this layup I am replacing my rear wheel bearings and wanted to do it myself. Thought I might find some great support for my small project...