1. JAMZILLA321

    286 to 300mm brake disc upgrade

    If I do this upgrade all I need is the new 300mm disc and the bigger carriers right? I wondering if the callipers are the same then what happens to the brake pads? Do I buy the 300mm version of the brake pads because if I buy the old ones won’t I have the same braking because the same amount of...
  2. Asab

    Eibach springs

    Hello, I’ve just ordered some Eibach Pro-Kit Performance Spring Kit E2062-140, for my 1999 2.0 wonder if anyone can tell me what they are like? And what issues they may of had when it come to servicing, and overall ride hight after fitting. The chap who normally looks after my cars says he’s had...
  3. n_mistry

    Anyone wanting a wrap soon?

    Hey guys, bit of an odd post and please do remove if inappropriate. I have a full wrap booked in for my Z3 for February 20th. However, due to a number of factors I will need to cancel the wrap as I will be selling the car instead. The £400 deposit for the wrap job is non-refundable, unless: -...
  4. DanielleHN

    To Chrome or Not To Chrome?

    Hi all I've been looking at getting a bigger size alloy on my beautiful little zed but I didn't want to deviate from the original alloys. The original alloys are the traditional 16" star shaped (attached photo). The gills (as I like to call them) are chrome and I am going to get chrome door...
  5. Panhandler

    The Panhandler

    Good Morning Zroadster Peeps, Glad to have found this website. Just took possession of my Sienna Red Z3 this past weekend. Perhaps I should say, the Z3 has taken possession of me. OK, I'm not really possessed, but this Zed is the most bestest car I have ever been in. If I wasn't so happy when I...
  6. Antm72

    A nice little Mod.

    Have always preferred the oval shape of the ///M interior mirror but the cost if you can find one is rather expensive. When another member @David sold his zed i'd noticed an oval mirror and enquired if it was for sale. I was advised it was not ///M but from a mini convertable it has exactly the...