1. MikeK

    Gas outside fuel tank and broken mirror.

    Hi everyone, Again more issues with my cheap z3. At least the weather is nice to fix them. And I hope I actually can fix them. So first one and biggest one. I found petrol outside the fuel tank locking cap.It looks like there's also a hole in it? I don't know what a good one looks like but why...
  2. Pete07877

    Does anyone know how to disassemble the rear view mirror to inspect the PCB inside?

    I'm trying to check all possible causes of my remote key not syncing. I am told the PCB for the remote locking is inside the mirror? I have the mirror removed from the car and I can see the PCB inside through the hole in the bottom of the mirror but I can't see how to take apart the mirror to...
  3. Richardrix

    Rear view mirror glue

    So who hasn't had the rear view mirror fall off? Wow, that many.. Ok, so for the ones that have had it fall off, what have you found to be the best product to stick it back on again? I tried the pads and sticking just the fixing plate back to the window. When I came to twist the mirror back on...
  4. DanielleHN

    For Sale Passenger Wing Mirror

    hi everyone I’ve got for sale my passenger Wing Mirror in good condition. The sale is just for the base and spindle with no motor or casings. The base is Boston Green Wing mirror moves as it should, isn’t catching and is in good condition. It’s on eBay for £85 + £10 postage but open to...
  5. DanielleHN

    How To Guide Battle Against The Wing Mirror Corrosion!

    Hi Everyone I'm new here as I've recently bought a beautiful Boston Green 2.8i as a fun hobby - it's in really amazing condition for its years although both mirrors have corroded. I thought this was possibly the end of the world (as you do!) but found some helpful threads noting a particular...