1. NicolasH

    Possible switch from 1.8 to a 2.2

    Hi, A 2001 2.2 liter Z3 has popped up nearby and I'm considering switching my (1998/1999) 1.8 Z3 for it. Although I'm wondering if it's worth switching because the 2.2 has about 75K Kms more on the clock (194 000 vs my current Z's 119 000). Has anyone here had a similar choice to make? Reason...
  2. Mac_Gaz

    High Mileage

    Just been to view a 2002 plate 2.2 Sport - with a view to it being a second zed/project car. The car has 174k on the clock, first owner did over 160k, never missing a service. I was surprised how fit and tight the car was, the engine was sweet as a nut. The car had quite a bit of tin worm in...
  3. C

    Newbie question about low mileage

    Greetings All. I am very close to buying a 2001 Z3 with 10K miles. Carfax and other maintenance records look normal but last 3-4 years show less than 1000 miles. I was told that it was stored in a garage. There is no excessive wear & tear so how can I tell if there is any tampering with the...