1. annieharm

    2000 Z3

    Just bought a 2000 Z3 Roadster to play around with. It’s in reasonable shape, but there will be a few projects to work on. Other than the visible body work, which I can DIY, what else should I anticipate? Any common issues or maintenance I should consider outside the basics?
  2. Braz86

    How did that get there?

    Fiddling around blindly underneath, I felt a few leaves between the two radiators so decided to pull them out. Then I felt more and more. Decided to pull the rad off the brackets and lean it back to see what was going on. 20 years of everything it turns out Now I'm used to cleaning heat...
  3. Wintermute

    Is my z3 worth keeping after extensive work in the engine bay?

    Hi, I have a few questions regarding my z3. I bought it about seven or eight months ago. Prior to owning it, it had been used as a summer car, and only had 60k on the clock (W plate, 1.9). I get the feeling that it's not been looked after, or not driven very much, as I have had to replace the...
  4. S

    ServicePark vehicle maintenance tool

    Hi all, As a massive car enthusiast (Z3 owner :-)) and professional web developer, I have developed a new website to help keep track of vehicle maintenance: It's completely free, and that will never change. This is a site I have been developing as a hobby as I believed...